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Axelos PRINCE2 7th Practitioner (Classroom)

Axelos PRINCE2 7th Practitioner (Classroom)

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Purpose of the PRINCE2 7th Practitioner Certification

The PRINCE2 7th Edition Practitioner certification is designed for individuals who wish to demonstrate their ability to apply and tailor the PRINCE2 methodology in a scenario-driven environment. This advanced level certification aims to validate that a practitioner can adapt the principles, themes, and processes of PRINCE2 to address the needs and challenges of a specific project scenario. It is intended for those who have already mastered the foundational aspects of the PRINCE2 framework and are looking to solidify their role as a seasoned project manager.

PRINCE2 7th Edition Practitioner Classroom Training

Classroom training for the PRINCE2 7th Edition Practitioner certification typically spans two and a half days, concluding with the Practitioner examination. This intensive course is designed to deepen understanding through instructor-led discussions, case studies, and application-based exercises. Participants benefit from direct interaction with an expert trainer and peers, facilitating a collaborative learning environment that enhances the ability to apply PRINCE2 concepts in real-world scenarios. Training is delivered by Axelos' Accredited Training Organisations (ATOs), and fees may vary among providers.

Target Audience

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is aimed at:

  • Project managers seeking to advance their project management skills and knowledge.
  • Individuals holding the PRINCE2 Foundation certification looking to elevate their qualifications.
  • Professionals involved in project management, including Project Board members, Team Managers, Project Assurance roles, and anyone who applies project management in their work.

Why use PRINCE2?

  • Highly Recognised: Attaining the Practitioner certification enhances professional credibility and recognition as a skilled project manager.
  • Advanced Application: It focuses on the practical application of PRINCE2 within complex project environments, offering a strategic advantage in project management roles.
  • Flexibility: Demonstrates the ability to tailor PRINCE2 methodology to diverse projects and dynamic project conditions.
  • Career Progression: Opens up advanced project management roles and opportunities for career advancement.

Average Salary for PRINCE2 Professionals

Holders of the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification often see significant career growth and potential salary increases, reflecting the high level of project management expertise they bring to their roles.

Job Roles

With a PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, individuals are well-positioned for roles such as:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Programme Manager
  • Project Portfolio Manager
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Director

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PRINCE2? A globally recognised project management framework that provides a methodical approach to planning, executing, and concluding projects.
  • What is the history of PRINCE2? PRINCE2 has evolved through updates to stay relevant to modern project management needs since its initial introduction as PROMPT.
  • Where can I undertake PRINCE2 training? Authorised providers offer classroom-based training for the Practitioner certification, ensuring an immersive and interactive learning experience.
  • Is the Practitioner course suitable for experienced project managers? Yes, it's designed for those looking to demonstrate their comprehensive understanding and application of the PRINCE2 framework.
  • Can I take the Practitioner exam without the Foundation certification? Having the Foundation certification is typically a prerequisite, but equivalents like PMP or certain IPMA levels may also qualify you for Practitioner training.
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