Security+ and CEH Bundle

Security+ and CEH Bundle

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Purpose of the Full Cyber Bundle: Security+ and CEH

The Full Cyber Bundle: Security+ and CEH is designed to equip professionals with the critical skills and knowledge needed to transition from networking to cybersecurity. This bundle focuses on enhancing your understanding of core cybersecurity concepts and advanced ethical hacking techniques. By completing these courses, you'll gain a competitive edge in the cybersecurity field, ensuring you're well-prepared to protect organisations from emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Full Cyber Bundle: Security+ and CEH Training Components

CompTIA Security+

  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity

    • Understanding fundamental cybersecurity concepts.
    • Overview of security layers and threat landscapes.
  2. Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities

    • Identifying different types of malware and attacks.
    • Techniques for threat analysis and mitigation.
  3. Architecture and Design

    • Implementing secure network architecture.
    • Designing secure systems and software.
  4. Implementation

    • Secure application development and deployment.
    • Understanding cryptographic protocols and their applications.
  5. Operations and Incident Response

    • Incident response strategies and best practices.
    • Conducting risk management and mitigation.
  6. Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    • Understanding legal and regulatory requirements.
    • Implementing compliance frameworks and policies.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    • Basics of ethical hacking and its importance.
    • Understanding the role of an ethical hacker.
  2. Foot printing and Reconnaissance

    • Techniques for gathering information.
    • Identifying vulnerabilities through reconnaissance.
  3. Scanning Networks

    • Tools and techniques for network scanning.
    • Understanding scanning methodologies.
  4. Enumeration

    • Techniques for enumerating network resources.
    • Identifying network services and vulnerabilities.
  5. Vulnerability Analysis

    • Conducting vulnerability assessments.
    • Using tools for vulnerability detection.
  6. System Hacking

    • Techniques for gaining access to systems.
    • Methods for maintaining access and covering tracks.
  7. Malware Threats

    • Understanding different types of malware.
    • Techniques for malware analysis and defence.
  8. Sniffing

    • Techniques for network sniffing.
    • Tools for packet capturing and analysis.
  9. Social Engineering

    • Understanding social engineering attacks.
    • Techniques for defending against social engineering.
  10. Denial of Service (DoS)

    • Understanding DoS and DDoS attacks.
    • Mitigation techniques for DoS attacks.
  11. Session Hijacking

    • Techniques for session hijacking.
    • Defending against session hijacking attacks.
  12. Hacking Web Servers and Applications

    • Identifying web server vulnerabilities.
    • Techniques for exploiting web application vulnerabilities.

Target Audience

This bundle is designed for professionals who have already completed the foundational certifications (AZ-900, SC-900, and Network+). It's ideal for network administrators, IT professionals, and anyone looking to transition into a cybersecurity role. A basic understanding of networking and security principles is recommended before undertaking this bundle.

Why Pursue the Full Cyber Bundle: Security+ and CEH?

  1. Comprehensive Skill Development

    • Gain in-depth knowledge of both defensive and offensive cybersecurity techniques.
    • Learn from industry-recognised certifications that are highly valued by employers.
  2. Career Advancement

    • Enhance your qualifications for more advanced and higher-paying cybersecurity roles.
    • Increase your marketability in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity.
  3. Practical and Hands-On Learning

    • Engage in hands-on labs and real-world scenarios to apply your knowledge.
    • Learn practical skills that can be immediately implemented in the workplace.
  4. Industry Recognition

    • Obtain certifications that are globally recognised and respected.
    • Join a network of professionals committed to maintaining high standards in cybersecurity.

Average Salary for Security+ and CEH Graduates

Graduates of the Security+ and CEH certifications can expect to see a significant increase in their earning potential. On average, Security+ certified professionals earn between £45,000 and £55,000 per year. CEH certified professionals often earn higher salaries, ranging from £50,000 to £70,000 per year, depending on their role and experience.

Job Roles

  1. Security Analyst

    • Average Salary: £50,000
    • Responsibilities: Monitoring and analysing security incidents, implementing security measures, and conducting vulnerability assessments.
  2. Penetration Tester

    • Average Salary: £60,000
    • Responsibilities: Conducting penetration tests, identifying security weaknesses, and recommending mitigation strategies.
  3. Network Security Engineer

    • Average Salary: £55,000
    • Responsibilities: Designing and implementing secure network solutions, managing security infrastructure, and responding to security incidents.
  4. Ethical Hacker

    • Average Salary: £65,000
    • Responsibilities: Performing ethical hacking exercises, simulating cyber-attacks, and improving organisational security posture.
  5. Cybersecurity Consultant

    • Average Salary: £70,000
    • Responsibilities: Advising organisations on security best practices, conducting security audits, and developing security policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the prerequisites for this bundle? A: This bundle is designed for individuals who have already completed the AZ-900, SC-900, and Network+ certifications. Basic knowledge of networking and security principles is recommended.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Full Cyber Bundle: Security+ and CEH? A: The duration varies based on your prior knowledge and learning pace, but typically, it can be completed within 6-8 months with consistent study.

Q: Are there any hands-on labs included in the courses? A: Yes, both Security+ and CEH courses include hands-on labs and real-world scenarios to provide practical experience.

Q: Will I receive a certification upon completion? A: Yes, upon passing the respective exams, you will receive the CompTIA Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certifications.

Q: Can I take the exams online? A: Yes, both Security+ and CEH exams can be taken online or at authorised testing centres.

By completing the Full Cyber Bundle: Security+ and CEH, you will be well-prepared to advance your career in cybersecurity, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle today's most pressing security challenges.

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