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Axelos PRINCE2 7th Foundation (Classroom)

Axelos PRINCE2 7th Foundation (Classroom)

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Purpose of the PRINCE2 7th Foundation Certification

The PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation certification is designed to introduce learners to the PRINCE2 project management method. It aims to ensure participants understand the PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes well enough to contribute effectively to a project management team operating within a PRINCE2-supported environment. This certification serves as the first step for anyone looking to build a career in project management and is a prerequisite for advancing to the Practitioner level.

PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation Classroom Training

The classroom training for the PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation is an immersive experience that typically lasts two and a half days. It culminates with the certification examination. Classroom settings offer the benefit of direct interaction with experienced trainers and peers, facilitating a comprehensive understanding through discussion, real-world examples, and immediate feedback. The course is delivered by Axelos' Accredited Training Organisations (ATOs), and rates can vary depending on the provider.

Target Audience

This certification is ideal for:

  • Individuals new to project management seeking foundational knowledge.
  • Project team members looking to better understand their role within a PRINCE2 framework.
  • Professionals involved in the design, development, and delivery of projects, including operational staff and line managers.

Why use PRINCE2?

  • Widely Recognised: The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is internationally recognised as a benchmark for project management competence.
  • Common Vocabulary: It establishes a shared language for project teams, improving communication and understanding.
  • Flexible: PRINCE2 is adaptable to any project type, size, or industry, providing a universal framework for managing projects.
  • Foundation for Growth: It lays the groundwork for further professional development in project management.

Average Salary for PRINCE2 Professionals

Professionals with a PRINCE2 Foundation certification can expect to see their career prospects and potential salaries improve, reflecting the demand for certified project management skills in the marketplace.

Job Roles

Earning a PRINCE2 Foundation certification opens the door to roles such as:

  • Junior Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Support Officer
  • Project Team Member

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PRINCE2? It's a structured project management method that outlines how projects should be organised, managed, and controlled.
  • What is the history of PRINCE2? Developed from the earlier PROMPT methodology, PRINCE2 has been refined through several revisions to meet the evolving needs of businesses and government agencies.
  • Where can I undertake PRINCE2 training? Classroom training is available through various APMG International-authorised training providers worldwide.
  • Is the PRINCE2 Foundation course suitable for beginners? Yes, it's specifically designed for those new to project management or looking to understand the PRINCE2 methodology.
  • Can I progress further after completing the Foundation certification? Yes, after obtaining the Foundation certification, you can advance to the PRINCE2 Practitioner level to further enhance your project management skills.
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