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CompTIA & CEH Bundle 1 (Classroom)

CompTIA & CEH Bundle 1 (Classroom)

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Purpose of the CompTIA & CEH Certification Bundle

This bundled classroom training combines two highly sought-after certifications in the IT security field: CompTIA (either Network+ N10-008 or Security+ SY0-601) and the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v12 (312-50). The purpose of this bundle is to equip professionals with a comprehensive foundation in IT networking and security, followed by advanced ethical hacking skills. The CompTIA certifications provide foundational knowledge necessary for any cybersecurity role and serve as a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs, while the CEH certification focuses on the advanced hacking techniques and the ethical implications of cybersecurity.

CompTIA & CEH Classroom Training

This bundled training is delivered in a classroom setting, offering an interactive and immersive learning experience. The CompTIA portion (Network+ or Security+) typically spans over five days, providing foundational knowledge in IT networking or security principles, practices, and tools. Following this, the CEH portion takes an additional five days, focusing on ethical hacking techniques, tools, and security concepts from an offensive cybersecurity perspective. The classroom format allows for direct interaction with certified instructors, hands-on labs, and real-world scenarios, facilitating a deep understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of IT security and ethical hacking. 

Target Audience

This certification bundle is aimed at:

  • IT professionals seeking to validate their networking and security expertise.
  • Individuals aspiring to enter the cybersecurity field.
  • Security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone concerned with network infrastructure and security.
  • Professionals aiming to acquire advanced knowledge in ethical hacking and offensive cybersecurity.

Why Pursue CompTIA & CEH Certifications?

  • Industry Recognition: Both CompTIA and CEH certifications are globally recognised, showcasing your expertise in the foundational and advanced aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Career Advancement: These certifications open doors to a wide range of cybersecurity roles, from network administration to ethical hacking, increasing employability and salary prospects.
  • Comprehensive Skillset: The bundle covers both defensive and offensive cybersecurity tactics, offering a holistic view of IT security that is highly valued in the industry.
  • Practical Knowledge: Through hands-on labs and real-world scenarios, participants gain practical skills that are directly applicable to current IT security challenges.

Average Salary for Certified Professionals

Holders of CompTIA and CEH certifications can expect significant career opportunities and potential salary increases, as these credentials are highly valued by employers in the tech industry.

Job Roles

Certification in both CompTIA (Network+ or Security+) and CEH prepares individuals for a variety of roles, including:

  • Network Administrator
  • Security Analyst
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Penetration Tester
  • IT Security Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are CompTIA and CEH? CompTIA certifications focus on foundational IT skills in networking and security, while CEH provides an in-depth understanding of ethical hacking techniques and cybersecurity.
  • Why bundle these certifications? Combining these certifications offers a comprehensive pathway from foundational IT skills to advanced cybersecurity and ethical hacking capabilities.
  • Where can I undertake this training? Authorised training centres offer classroom-based training for these certifications, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.
  • Is previous experience required? While not always mandatory, experience in IT or cybersecurity can be beneficial for understanding the complex topics covered in these certifications.
  • How do these certifications help in a cybersecurity career? They validate a broad range of knowledge and skills in IT security, from network defence to offensive security, enhancing your qualifications for various roles in the cybersecurity sector.
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