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Microsoft AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (Classroom)

Microsoft AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (Classroom)

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Purpose of the Microsoft AI-900 Certification

The Microsoft AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals certification is designed for individuals looking to demonstrate foundational knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) concepts and related Microsoft Azure services. This entry-level certification is ideal for those new to AI and ML and aims to provide an understanding of basic AI concepts and the Azure services used to create AI solutions. It serves as a stepping stone for more advanced certifications and roles in AI, data science, and software development.

Microsoft AI-900 Classroom Training

Classroom training for the Microsoft AI-900 certification offers an interactive and structured educational experience. Conducted over a short period, typically one to two days, this training is led by experienced instructors who guide participants through the core AI and ML concepts, as well as Azure's AI tools and services. The in-person format encourages active participation, discussions, and the opportunity to ask questions, providing immediate clarification and a deeper understanding of the course material.

Target Audience

This certification is aimed at:

  • Beginners interested in understanding artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Professionals looking to familiarize themselves with Azure AI services and applications.
  • Individuals considering a career shift into AI and data science fields.

Why Pursue the Microsoft AI-900 Certification in a Classroom Setting?

  • Engaging Learning Environment: Face-to-face instruction facilitates engagement and interaction, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Immediate Support: Direct access to instructors allows for immediate feedback and assistance with complex topics.
  • Networking Opportunities: Classroom settings provide a chance to connect with peers and professionals with similar interests, expanding your professional network.
  • Foundational Knowledge: Builds a solid foundation in AI concepts and Azure services, preparing participants for further specialization.

Average Salary for Certified Professionals

While the AI-900 is a foundational certification, it can positively impact your career by laying the groundwork for further education and specialization in AI and machine learning. Salaries for roles that require more advanced certifications and experience in AI can be significantly higher than entry-level positions.

Job Roles

Holding the Microsoft AI-900 certification qualifies individuals for entry-level positions and provides a basis for roles such as:

  • AI Enthusiast
  • Junior Data Analyst
  • Azure AI Fundamentals Specialist
  • Entry-level AI Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is covered in the Microsoft AI-900 exam? The exam covers basic AI concepts, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and conversational AI, focusing on Azure services.
  • Is prior experience with Azure required? No, the AI-900 certification is designed for beginners and does not require prior experience with Azure.
  • Where can I take classroom training for AI-900? Authorized Microsoft training partners offer AI-900 classroom training globally.
  • How long does classroom training for AI-900 typically last? Training usually lasts one to two days, depending on the course's intensity and coverage.
  • How does the AI-900 certification benefit my career? It validates your foundational understanding of AI and ML concepts and Azure services, providing a pathway to more advanced studies and career opportunities in technology.
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